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New York Times Bestsellers
New York Times
New York Times Bestseller List
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to get emails when your favorite author releases a new book, or see lists of things already written.

Use NoveList
to find books similar to ones you like or learn about the next book in a series. Also book discussion guides for book clubs.

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New York Times
New York Times Bestseller List

Lit Lovers
Lit Lovers has reading guides, ideal for for book clubs, and book reviews.

Fantastic Fiction
Try Fantastic Fiction as another resource to find other titles by your favorite authors.

Book Series in Order
Book Series in Order
is highly searchable list of books’ order, by author’s first or last
name, series name, title, or even a keyword about the series.

Whichbook? Find books you might like — based on fun, fast choice sliders (for example: easy/demanding or expected/unpredictable).

fiction db
Fiction Database: For the reader, including easy-to-use series finders.

GoodReads: Meet your next favorite book by seeing what others are reading or listing what you have liked.

KDL What's Next
Order of Books: Search for Series by Author or Character.

You can get a temporary card online. Then visit a library in person with ID and proof of address to obtain your card (first card is free).

library card
Find a Library

  • Allegheny County Library Association (ACLA)
  • ACLA facebook page

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The Catalog
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The Catalog online.


Note: Classic version of Catalog is still available if needed.

Books, Magazines, & Newspapers
Stop in and browse!

  • We buy new books continually. Sign up to find out when new items arrive:New Book Alerts
  • Young Adult books
  • Children’s books
  • Tablet books for toddlers
  • Magazines
  • Newspapers:
  • Post-Gazette (including all daily editions online inside the library),
  • Mon Valley Independent,
  • Wall Street Journal.

Audio Books

  • CD-Books
  • Playaway books (these need a battery and headphones).
  • Children’s books paired with recordings.


  • DVD — New releases and classic films
  • VHS
  • Blu-Ray
  • Movies can be checked out for one week.


  • Music CDs –from classical to Christmas to children’s to current hits
  • Bi-Folkal kits with songbooks

WiFi Hotspots

Free Internet access hotspots.  Contact library for rules and more information.  412-672-0625.

Non-traditional items

Many county libraries now lend items like Chromebook computers, puppets, power tools, video games, toys, dolls, baking supplies, air quality monitors, carpet cleaners, kits for book clubs, and more! 

Sometimes these can be delivered to our library for pickup, but other items must be picked up and returned in person at the library that owns them.

Requesting Items

  • View The Catalog online.
  • You can sort to find what you like and request items from other libraries if we don’t have them.   Or you can go to the library where it’s available and pick it up.
  • If you order an item, it will be delivered (this can take a week or two, once the item is available).
  • Some items have long waits (such as new blockbuster movie releases), but you will be on the list if you make the request.
  • We’ll hold the item(s) for you to pick up at the location you choose.  We hold items for about a week.
  • You’ll get an email or call (your choice) when requested items arrive, PLUS you can sign up for text notifications, too (see section later on this page).
  • ** Interlibrary loan link **
    If there is an item that is not brand new AND is not in our
    county’s catalog, you can try to request it from another library system.

How to Renew

Renew: If you would like to try to renew before an item’s due date, you can:

  • Log in to My Account,
  • Renew by text if signed up for the service (see section below)
  • Call us at 412-672-0625,
  • Call the automated renewal line at 412-622-1895

Auto-Renewals are now automatic for certain items, which renew six times.  Items that won’t renew include those requested by other patrons, hotspots, new books, new movies, and Launchpads.
Text Notifications

  • You can sign up for the FREE TEXT service!
  • Renew by text and get notified when your requested items arrive!    Text service
  • How?  Send a text to 833-403-0701 that says signup+barcode+PIN. Yes, you need to type the plus signs and the barcode number from your library card. Contact us if you don’t know your PIN.
    Click here to learn more (search for text notifications)!

Books By Mail

Free Books by Mail Service. Call 800-242-0586 to learn if you qualify: Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped

About Your Account

  • When you have a library card, you can view your Account online at The Catalog.
  • Checked out items:  See physical and digital (OverDrive) items that you currently have borrowed.
  • Renew items (you can also do this via text).
  • Request items from other libraries if we don’t have them.
  • Wish list:  If you don’t want an item right now, you can add it to your wish list.
  • Reading History:  The Catalog can keep track of what you have borrowed — you have to opt in.  See Account in upper right.
  • Pay fines.